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Tile maintenance

Keeping your tile and stone work clean and polished doesn’t have to be hard. At National Tile, we carry a wide selection of cleaners and applicators that will help keep your tile clean.
We stock tile cleaners, sealers, and problem solvers for all types of tile and stone. Take a look at our selection below.

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Ready to use, multipurpose tile and grout cleaner. It removes grease, grime and dirt while deodorizing kitchens and bathrooms.
Ready to use cleaner and resealer that shields as it cleans.
Powerful cleaner that removes grease, stains and soap scum from grout joints. It also restores original color of dirty, stained grout.
Super-concentrated cleaner that is safe for everyday use. It prevents scum buildup and hard water deposits. Ensures longevity of any sealer applied.
Concentrated deep cleaner that cleans heavy use or highly neglected areas. It is also a fast, effective wax and floor-finish remover.
Concentrated heavy duty cleaner, wax stripper and degreaser. Cleans highly neglected, heavy use stone surfaces.
Polishing cream and cleaner that nourishes and adds luster to polished stone countertops and walls.
Spray-and-buff cleaner designed to enhance the natural beauty of stone. For use on countertops and backsplashes.


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Premium sealer that has no sheen, natural look, for natural stone, tile and grout. It is great use for food preparation areas and has maximum stain protection.
Premium penetrating sealer with no sheen and has an enhanced-look. It is formulated to darken, enrich and highlight unsealed, natural stone.
Economical sealer that has no sheen and a natural look.
Clear durable floor finish that resists surface abuse. This is used on sealed surfaces and interior use only.
Sealer that provides a stain resistant surface and low-sheen finish.
Sealer that provides a stain resistant surface and a high-sheen finish.
Handy applicator that simplifies applying grout sealer. It features a brush tip and an adjustable control valve.
Sealer that resists water, oil and acid-based contaminants.


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Concentrated cleaner that removes grout haze and latex additive film from tile during grout clean-up process. Can also use in full strength to remove light grout residue within 10 days of first grouting.
Fast, powerful, solvent based stripper. Removes most sealers, epoxy grout haze, urethane coatings, synthetic finishes, adhesives and paints. It also dissolves deep set stains and grease buildup.
This is a powerful cream cleaner that is formulated to penetrate small surface pores. It is great for cleaning all stone, tile and glass surfaces.
Premixed acidic treatment removes grout haze, mineral deposits, rust stains, mortar film, and efflorescence. It also removes cement grout, mortar residue from tile, concrete and masonry.
These crystals remove grout and mortar haze, rust and mineral deposits including efflorescence.
Removes discoloration from air pollution, carbon buildup or rust stains.
Temporary, water soluble, pre-grout coating to protect masonry and stone against grout and mortar staining.
Non-acidic stain remover that removes deep-set oil and grease stains without scrubbing