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Niches are new and improved!

Flangless design and easy to install

Fits in Standard 2"x4" walls

Openings are sized for better tile fit with less cutting required

Waterproof and tile ready

Mounts flush to 1/2" backer board

Exaggerated corners simplify installation of square tile


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301 Square Niche

301D 301N

302 Peaked Niche

302N 302D

303 Wide Arch Combo Niched

303D 303N

305 Narrow Combo Niche

304 Wide Combo Niche

304D 304N 305D 305N

306 Narrow Arch Combo Niche

306D 306N

308 Soap Dish Niche

314 Rectangular Niche

308D 308N 314D 314N